Spend a Morning with Me in South Carolina (VIDEO)

by Grace

I’ve spent the past week exploring the Charleston area, which happens to be one of my favorite travel destinations and a place where I always look forward to return trips.

As in the other places I’ve lived on the road, the build has garnered quite a few questions from Charleston locals and tourists.

Of those questions, I get many asking about what my routines (or lack thereof) look like living in the 4Runner.

So in this video, I take you through my morning routine as a full-time 4Runner dweller/car camper/nomad/*insert other road lifer terms here*.

Although I live a nomadic lifestyle where I thrive on spontaneity, I have a few routines that give my life some normalcy and help me stay grounded.

Watching the world wake up is one of my favorite things, so I hope you enjoy tagging along as I spend the morning exploring near beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.

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