Typical Day Living in a 4Runner (VIDEO)

by Grace

After spending about a week and a half exploring Flagstaff, I was ready for some warmer weather and hot meals!

This was my very first trip ever to Sedona and I was excited to see what all the hype was about (and for the SUN). I wasn’t disappointed! The drive down 89A through Oak Creek Canyon was one of the most beautiful drives of road life so far. The transition from snowy forest to sunny red rocks in a matter of 30 minutes absolutely blew my mind.

As I pulled into Sedona, I realized that it was smaller than I had expected, which resulted in some typical road life challenges. Although I hesitate to call them challenges because I’ve learned I often enjoy the unintended outcomes better than the planned results. In this case, Safeway has now taken the place of my creature habit grocery store Walmart and I found (through much trial-and-error) my new go-to Sedona coffee shop.

To finish off a great day, I ventured into the public lands near Sedona and found a secluded spot to cook up my first hot meal in many days.

I’ll never get tired of how the typical days always come with a twist while on the road.

I hope you enjoy the scenery and let me know in the video comments if you’ve been to Sedona!

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