by Grace
girl and her dad on a bike trail with several bikes and gear

Early Years

Growing up in a small town in Illinois at least an hour and half from any major city, I learned how to create my own fun, whether it was rigging a tall zipline from trees, teaching my dog how to skijor, or building the biggest leaf piles you can imagine. My life revolved around the outdoors. It was my happy place.

From a young age, my parents encouraged my younger sister and I to embrace adventure and challenges. At age 12, I completed my first 8-hour (really 11-hour) adventure race with my dad. The following year, my family and I biked the entire Katy Trail across Missouri carrying all our own gear. As I grew older, my sense of adventure continued to grow as well. From showing horses to rock climbing to bagging 14ers in Colorado, I took every chance to learn new skills and challenge myself.

College Years

Flash forward to my college years. College didn’t exactly go as I had planned. I attended several schools and graduated with Marketing and Operation & Supply Chain Management degrees. My college years were monumental in teaching me the importance of doing what I love… and that there is no such thing as a perfect plan.

Life on the Road

Now, several years after my ‘virtual’ college graduation (COVID grad), I’m living my life the way I want to live. I travel to beautiful places and film memories full-time. I have a tentative plan, but I’m not holding myself to anything. I’ve learned multiple times in my life that oftentimes the best things in life are spontaneous. So, this is my commitment to living with No Perfect Plan.

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